Ceremonies in Prague and Czech Republic

Wedding in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city combines ancient architecture, picturesque gardens, five-star hotels and excellent restaurants. Prague can rightfully be called the capital of weddings. Millions of couples from all over the world choose Prague to celebrate the main event here …

Outdoor wedding

Don’t forget to consider having an outdoor wedding ceremony in the summer. In Prague, there is a whole complex of palace gardens, such as the Vrtba Garden or the Ledeburg Garden. And there are also small gardens, but no less beautiful, cozy and romantic, like, for example, Secret …

Religious ceremony

Religious marriage has legal force in the Czech Republic on a par with civil marriage. Wedding in two beautiful Orthodox churches in Prague and Karlovy Vary

Castle wedding

On a relatively small territory of the Czech Republic, there are over 2,500 castles. Almost every corner of the Czech Republic has its own old castle, with its own unique style and long history. A wedding in a castle in the Czech Republic is an amazing event that will be remembered for a lifetime.