Wedding videography


One Lab

“One Lab. is a professional company specializing in the creation of a wide range of video products. We use all our creativity and the most modern equipment to get a high level result. Our company will be glad to cooperate with you, because we believe that good ideas are born in the process of modern work. That is why we grow with each client “, – Ilya, founder of One Lab studio


Season 2021 Special Package:

– 4 hours of professional DSLR video shooting

– editing 3-5 minutes video

– price 600 EURO

Additional options for the package:

– filming more than 4 hours

– shooting with 2-3 cameras

– mini-movie editing

– filming outside Prague and abroad

– aerial photography

Contact us and we will provide a special price offer for the above options


Greetings, I am a wedding videographer based in Prague. I am engaged in video filming and subsequent editing of clips and films. I would be glad to meet you to create your wedding story together.

I work on an hourly basis. Rate per hour of work: 100 EUR. The minimum order is 4 hours. Upon completion of my work, you will receive:

– clip for 2-4 minutes

– a series of short clips each for 20-60 seconds

– a wedding movie with a chronology of the events of the wedding day (7-60 minutes)

– to reserve the shooting date we will need to sign an agreement and make an advance payment of 30%



We offer several options, both budget options for shooting with one camera, and inexpensive options for shooting with two and three cameras.

– One hour. Just a ceremony: We shoot the wedding ceremony and you will receive a finished video (10-15 minutes, depending on the length of the ceremony) – 100 €

– wa hours. Ceremony and a short one-hour walk: All that is higher, plus we go to one of the beautiful places, be it the gardens, or Prague Castle, or Charles Bridge with locks and swans. – 160 €

Four hours. One of the ideal options if you want to cover the entire wedding day, starting from the morning of the bride and groom. – 320 €

– Ten hours. Wedding film for the video and the ceremony, about the whole wedding day. – 800 €

– Twelve hours. Wedding film for the video and the ceremony, about the whole wedding day. – 900 €