Wedding floral decor in Vrtba Garden

This page is solely about wedding ceremony floral decor at Vrtba Garden where we would like to share more information about various floral decor options that can be arranged at this wonderful wedding ceremony venue.

We have placed a few photos of an example floral decor setup.

This setup was made according to couple’s request where they would like their ceremony to be decorated with classic white flowers and greenery.

This wedding ceremony decor consists of 4 flower arrangements made of only fresh flowers and greenery. Three flower arrangements are placed on three golden stands. Forth flower arrangement is placed at the foot of one of the stands. 

The setup is complemented with 20 candles in glass cylinders of various height.

The total cost of this composition including installation and removal is 23,500 CZK.

The price includes:

  • 4 flower arrangements made of only fresh flowers and greenery
  • 3 flower stands rental
  • 20 candles + 20 glass cylinders rental
  • Florist work, transport, installation, removal

Color pallette of the flowers can be any as per your wish. You just need to send us a few photos so that we have an idea.

This is one example of flower decor of the wedding ceremony. Of course there are options and variations.

For example:

One more stand is added so that there 4 flower stands. Flower arrangement at the foot of the stand can be kept or removed

Two flower stands with 2 flower arrangements (without candles): 12.500 CZK

Three stands with flower arrangements (without candles): 16.900 CZK

Candles rental: 60 CZK per piece

Glass cylinder rental: 100 CZK per piece

For example: a set of 20 candles /20 glass cylinders that are placed in the aisle and around flower stands costs 3200 CZK. 

It is possible to make a flower arrangement on wedding officiant’s table.

One flower arrangement on a wedding officiant’s table: 2.500-5.000 CZK (the price depends on the size of the arrangement)