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Wedding in Prague in 2020/2021: most-up-to-date information about wedding venues in Prague and costs

Civil ceremony in Prague

Prague has got a lot of possibilities for holding a wedding. One may spend hours reasearching on line about all the wedding venues Prague has to offer.

In this article we would like to give a brief overview of wedding venues for a wedding ceremony and reception with costs.

How much wedding in Prague will cost? The answer to this question will depend on how big your wedding is. If you are coming only together then you will need to consider costs associated with a civil ceremony, possibly venue rental and additional services which you may need, like a photographer, hair&makeup, flowers. 

There are a few popular venues for a  civil wedding ceremony in Prague: Old Town Hall, Vrtba Garden, Mirror Chapel at Klementinum.

 Old Town Hall offers most affordable price for a civil wedding ceremony. The venue offers the best value considering its historic attractiveness, location and price. The package price for a civil wedding ceremony at the Old Town Hall is 1050 EUR. Ceremonies are held there all year round.

Old Town Hall is followed very closely by Vrtba Garden by its popularity as a wedding venue. The package price for a civil wedding ceremony at Vrtba Garden is higher due to the rental price charged by the garden administration. Another difference from the Old Town Hall is that ceremonies at the garden are possible from April until November. The package price for a civil wedding ceremony at Vrtba Garden is 1570 EUR.

Wedding ceremony at Vrtba Garden

Next popular venue is Mirror Chapel at Klementinum. The Chapel is famous for a rich Baroque décor and its own atmosphere. Ceremonies are accompanied by the organ or piano. Package price for a civil wedding ceremony at the Mirror Chapel is 1590 EUR. The ceremonies are possible from April until November.

Wedding at Mirror Chapel at Klementinum

What are the costs for a photographer, hair&makeup, flowers? The price for a photography ranges between 100 - 300 EUR an hour. It will depend a lot on the photographer and number of hours you order. Hair & makeup up will cost 175 EUR where a hair and makep stylists will arrive at your place. A wedding bouquet with a buttonhole will cost between 80-150 EUR. The price will depend on the type of bouquet you choose. You can have a package price for all of these services for 615 EUR. The package includes photography tour for three hours with a car, hair&makeup and flowers. 

It is not possible to hold reception at any of the venues and restaurant should be booked separately. It is possible to hold a small cocktail (champagne and canapés) at Vrtba Garden.

Now let’s have a look at all-in-one place venues in Prague.

Villa Richter restaurant

 Located next to Prague castle, surrounded by historic vineyards, this venue remains on top of the wedding venues list. It is possible to hold both a civil ceremony or symbolic and reception. The restaurant has a few options for weddings of various sizes and budgets. For a smaller wedding with up to 30 guests you can choose one of restaurant’s salons: Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow. Minimum consumption for a wedding dinner to be placed at one of the salons ranges between 15.000 -20.000 CZK. Wedding menu prices range from 1.200 up to 2.500 CZK for a 4-course menu.

 A bigger wedding with up to 50 guests can be placed at Glassroom. Minimum consumption is 70.000 CZK.

If you would like to have the restaurant closed down for your wedding only, you will need to consider renting it out completely. Minimum consumption for the whole restaurant 310.000 CZK. Party must end at midnight. If you would like to continue your party after midnight, 15.000 CZK is charged per hour. This is the price for a wedding on Friday/Saturday. For a weekday wedding minimum consumption is 260.000 CZK.

 The Augustine Hotel 

Located at Mala Strana district, the Augustine reflects Prague’s history, character and beauty. This venue can host a ceremony, reception and accommodate guests.

The hotel got an outside area divided into 3 parts: Arcades, Terrace and Sundial Garden. Each of them can be rented separately. One of the most beautiful parts is Sundial Garden. Minimum consumption for a dinner to be placed in the garden is 60.000 CZK. Maximum capacity is 60 people.

Arcades can host up to 45 guests, minimum consumption is 55.000 CZK.

 Terrace can host up to 60 guests and minimum consumption is 100.000 CZK.

Wedding ceremony can be held at either Sundial garden, Arcades or Terrace. Rental for the ceremony is 20.000 CZK.

Music outside can be played until 10:00 PM. To be able to continue the party after 10 PM you will need to consider moving to St. Thomas Brewery. Minimum consumption is 55.000 CZK

An example of a wedding for 50 guests placed at Augustine hotel: wedding ceremony at the Sundial Garden (rental 20.000 CZK), reception at the Terrace until 10 PM (minimum consumption 100.000 CZK), late party after 10 PM at St. Thomas Brewery (minimal consumption 55.000 CZK).

Another combination: wedding ceremony at the Terrace (rental 20.000 CZK), reception at the Sundial Garden (minimum consumption 60.000 CZK), later party after 10 PM at St. Thomas Brewery ( minimal consumption 55.000 CZK)

 Lobkowicz Palace

The Lobkowicz Palace is the only privately owned building in the Prague Castle Complex. The venue can host up to 400 guests. The Palace got a few halls where a wedding ceremony and reception can take place. A few halls are adjacent to the terrace with a view over the rooftop Prague where your guests can enjoy the view. Rental of the halls in the Palace will range between 110.000-150.000 CZK ( the rent will depend on the number of guests and combination of halls booked for the ceremony and reception). The Palace got its own catering. The prices vary from 1.530 CZK for a 4-course menu up to 2.160 CZK for a 5-course menu.

 Troja Chateau

The chateau is located within 15 -20 minutes drive from Prague center. It is surrounded by a beautiful and very well taken care garden. Wedding ceremony can take place in the park in front of the chateau or inside the chateau in the Emperor’s Hall. Chateau rentals vary from 150.000 CZK up to 250.000 CZK. The price will greatly depend on the wedding day plan. You will also need to consider catering on top of the chateau rental. Catering prices will vary from 1.300 CZK including food and drinks up to 3.200 CZK.

 Strelecky ostrov restaurant

Located on an island in the river Vltava, in Prague center, this place is suitable for a relaxed wedding with a view of the river and National Theatre. The prices are also very democratic. For example, a 3-course menu will cost 680 CZK and a drink package for 3 hours will cost 550 CZK. The restaurant also offers half price for children menu and drinks package.

 Zofin Palace

Zofin Palace is a signature place in Prague. The palace can host an event with up to 800 guests. The rent will start from 120.000 CZK and will depend greatly on the number of guests, type of the wedding ceremony and duration of the event. The palace allows to invite a catering company of your choice.

Santini Garden restaurant

A hidden gem located below the Prague castle in a Lesser Town. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful, cozy garden where both ceremony and reception can take place. It is an ideal place for a relaxed summer wedding in a calm garden. Despite its location in the historic center, the prices are very democratic. Menu prices for a 4-course menu are between 780 CZK- 950 CZK.

Grand Hotel Bohemia and Bocaccio Ballroom

The hotel is famous for its Bocaccio Ballroom in Neo –Baroque architectural style. In the first period of Czechslovak Republic the hall served as a luxury cabaret for Prague’s cream of society and entertained such people like Jan Masaryk, a Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic and many others.

Minimum consumption for holding a wedding at Bocaccio Ballroom is 80.000 CZK and its capacity is up to 100 guests. The guests can be accommodated at the hotel.

These are just a few wedding venues in Prague. There are other wonderful places that can host your wedding. We are preparing a second part of the article with more venues to follow. 

If you are considering to hold your wedding in Prague and need an advice on choosing a right venue, send us an email and we will be happy to make a few suggestions. Email:

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