Wedding in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city that combines old architecture, picturesque gardens, luxury hotels and excellent restaurants. Prague can be rightly called as the capital of weddings. Millions of couples from all over the world come to this city full of magical romance to celebrate the main event of their lives.





The list of places where you can hold a wedding is endless. The most popular places in Prague are the Old Town Hall, the Mirror Chapel in Clementinum, the Municipal Palace.

An amazing place for an outdoor wedding is the Palace Gardens. And, of course, it is not necessary to be limited only to Prague. The wedding ceremony can take place in one of the romantic castles which can be found in almost every corner of the Czech Republic.

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Chateaus and Castles

There are more than 2500 castles in a relatively small area of ​​the Czech Republic. Almost every corner of the Czech Republic has its own castle - an old one, with its unique style and long history.





Wedding in the castle in the Czech Republic will be an amazing event  which will be remembered for life.

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Open sky wedding

Prague is an excellent choice as a wedding destination because it can offer the style and venue of the wedding for every taste. In summer a good option may be a wedding under the open sky.




Prague offers many gardens in the royal style, such as the Vrtbovski or Ledeborgsky garden, as well as small but no less cozy, quiet and romantic places, such as the garden in the Mark hotel or the garden at the St. Augustine Hotel.

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Religious ceremony

Religious and civil marriages are not separated in the Czech Republic





Prague and whole Czech Republic offers religious ceremonies at Roman -Catholic cathedrals, Protestant churches, Orthodox churches and  synagogues

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