Wedding cake


Victoria and Mkhitar

Art Cakes Prague is a creative union of the spouses Victoria and Mkhitar Mkhitaryan, working in an unusual form of art – creating luxurious cakes and desserts for special events. An artist-painter by profession, graphic artist, sculptor, teacher with an academic education, Mkhitar Mkhitaryan has a large number of exhibitions behind him in Russia and abroad.

His beloved wife, mother of three sons, his inspiration is Victoria Mkhitaryan, a professional pastry chef, designer, decorator, creates luxurious cakes. She was trained by world famous masters of confectionery and decorative arts.

When creating cakes, Victoria often turns to her husband for advice and professional assessment of her work.

Being like-minded in life, having a common desire for Beauty, Grace, Harmony in everything, Art Cakes Prague strives to bring its activities to the level of high art.

Victoria and Mkhitar find joy and spiritual satisfaction from the process and from the result of their work, and this joy is transmitted to everyone who comes into contact with the beautiful, and, which is important, tasty results of their work.
PRICE OF CAKES FROM 1.000 CZK per KILO. The final price depends on the design. The minimum weight of cakes is 2 kg.