Juli and Miro

Juli and Miro

Hello Vladimir and Svetlana,

Now that all the huge family is gone, we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your perfect coordination and support at every step of the way. We know that these trying times were posing a challenge to this wedding’s celebration, we were always on our tiptoes about guests amount, calculations, services and we wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and enjoyable to our friends and family. We have been super demanding, we are aware!
We owe you so much for such a special day! Everything was just as we dreamed of! (except for the occasional summer rain haha but even then, we had perfect timing)
We will be happy to write a nice review for your services of course 🙂
We would definitely like to also welcome the suppliers that you contacted:
-💐 the florist for the beautiful arrangement at the restaurant tables and on the cake – which was absolutely delightful. It was simple, just as we wished. My bouquet was very considered, with a nice touch of lace, just like my dress and Miro’s boutonniere, delicate too.
– 💄Makeup and Hairstyle artists – these two ladies saw me in my worst moment, after a sleepless night, not having had a meal in almost two days due to my extreme anxiety. They chatted, calmed me down, gave me tips and were so friendly also with my sister-in-law who had the beautiful hairstyle too.  They were able to transform me into my better version without overdoing it. Their creations lasted all day and night, and I can say they used high quality products because I am usually an allergic type but in this case, I did not have any skin rash.  Super thank you to them! We will be pleased to send them photos for their records 🙂
– 🎼 Musicians: absolutely impressed by the duo. All our families loved them and wept so much because of the emotional songs and brilliant execution . We were very very happy with them! I am sorry I personally could not say Thank you when they left, I was all over the place.
–  🌍 Interpreter: as per the speech in CZ, the translator was very sweet and accurate. They both greeted us warmly and delivered a nice ceremony, emotional and meaningful. Thanks for arranging with them!
– 👱 kids entertainment – we checked out how it was going with the kids’ games and it seemed like they were having a great time, dancing, jumping and going all around! Parents reported a lot of fun 😀
We already wrote to Augustine staff, Bystro staff and the photographer that we were impressed by the outstanding service, including food, program adherence and courtesy and professionalism provided. All our friends and family told us that they had an unforgettable time.
Thank you once more for all and I think we are in contact to receive the certificate and in case you have some photos, feel free to share at your convenience 🙂
We will be sending the ones from the photographer in a month, if you need some for your website gallery.
Miro and Juli

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