Marie and Jordane

Hello Svetlana and Vladimir,

Thank you so much for this special day. You are wonderful people, such a perfect couple…

Thank you for your professionalism, your smile, your kindness and they way you helped us to go through this moment.

Thank you!

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Marie and Jordane

Evgeniya Lesnyak

Thank you, Vladimir and Svetlana, for organizing our wedding!!

Great organizers and very nice people!

One month has gone since our wedding took place but we are still delighted with how perfectly and professionally the wedding was organized!

We worked with Vladimir remotely from another country by phone and e-mails which, probably, greatly complicated the work. Nevertheless, it was done brilliantly.

The wedding took place in the Jemništê chateau, a very cute castle surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Photographer, flowers, master of ceremonies Konstantin, music band-just everything was gorgeous!

Everything went without a single hitch!

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A dream wedding! Evgeniya Lesnyak

Ailsa and Benjamin

Dear Svetlana and Vladimir,
Thank you so much for arranging our wedding.  It was even better than we imagined it would be, the bouquet, limo, photographers and venues were all amazing.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I think everyone enjoyed seeing the men in Kilts!
We did not tell anyone except our friends that we were getting married, but our families were delighted for us.
We would be so glad to give you an excellent review for your website if you like.  We could never have arranged this without you.
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Thanks again, Mr & Mrs Fraser.

Leah and Michael

I just wanted to thank you and Vladimir so much.

It was a perfect day for me, for all of us. It was literally the best day of my life. Alina was amazing, Viktoria was amazing. They exceeded my expectations. I have not seen Roman’s work yet but he was very kind and I believe he probably did an excellent job. The church decor was exactly what I asked for. The minister was funny and spoke very well. He did a great job. The driver was on time and was perfect.
I wanted to ask if you had any interest in me writing a review for you. Please let me know and I would be glad to do it.
Thank you again for all of your work on this.

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Leah and Michael

Andreas and Katerina

It was everything we hoped for, and even more!
As foreigners we thought it would be hard to make this wedding happen but
Svetlana and Vladimir made it so easy to organize our dream wedding in Prague!
They arranged all the paper work and booked all the professionals needed!
It was really a dream wedding!
Thank you bought so much from the bottom of our hearts!
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Andreas and Katerina

Claire and Robert

Vladimir and Svetlana are a sheer joy and pleasure to work with. They are in control of the entire wedding process but never take over. As we live in another country it was a relief to have someone to guide us through the legal process.
The day was fantastic. The people that Svetlana chose for my hair n makeup were professional and did a great job.
My children still talk about how much they enjoyed working with Vladimir for the photos. ( I would recommend the tour of Prague for pictures. It made our day)
And the choices they gave me for the restaurant suited the tone of the day perfectly.
I cannot thank the both of you enough.
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Regards Claire and Robert.

Alanah and Thomas

Dear Svetlana and Vladimir,

Thank you very much for all your hard work. Our wedding day was everything we hoped for and more! The recommended makeup artist, hairstylist and florist were perfect. We are so grateful for your professionalism and for everything you did to make our wedding happen during these unprecedented times. Svetlana and Vladimir arranged our civil ceremony in the Vrtba gardens in less than 3 months. They were extremely helpful in organizing our paperwork and more. Svetlana and Vladimir are so positive and really put us at ease throughout the entire process. We really enjoyed getting to know you both. You are a lovely family and we wish you the best! Thank you.

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Alanah and Thomas

Jan and Sarah

Good morning both,

Now that the guests have all left we would like to say thank you.

It is no overstatement to say that without your legal help we would not have been able to get married.

We are glad we asked you to do more than just the paperwork. It felt like we had a shared vision of the celebration all along the way. It allowed us to truly enjoy ourselves on the day – thank you!

We hope you had fun with it and us as well. You can be very proud of your work.

We do wish you all the best,

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Sara & Jan

Ayan and Natali

Thank you for everything!!! Everything was perfect and beautiful. We are very very happy!!! The photos you made for us are wonderful! We were literary crying when looking at them. Thank you! Thank you!

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Thank you! Ayan and Natali.

Alexandra Lipko

Good afternoon, Vladimir and Svetlana!

We would like to thank you for your professional work! Everything was great! It was easy, harmonious, festive !!! We are happy!!! Thank you for your help in creating our day !!!

Flowers, makeup, hair – everything was amazing! Great professionals! I am very happy with them!

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I am very happy with them! Alexandra.


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Vladimir for the professionalism in preparing our wedding! Competent, friendly, available for anything that we needed for our day!

Olga and Dmitriy


Thank you very much for the fairy tale presented to me and my husband !!! Thank you very much for the work done! For the preparation of both the formal part and for the wedding itself! Thank you for enduring our whims, tears and emotions in general! You are the person with whom you can overcome all the difficulties in preparation! Responsible to your fingertips, punctual and scrupulous even in small things! We are sincerely glad that we chose you! We got a lot of pleasure working with you! You can be relied on at any moment! And the wedding itself was a fairy tale for us! The contests are funny, all cultures combined and relevant to our life, all our interests were taken into account! We managed to fall in love with you as a master of ceremonies and organizer! Thank you !!!!

Olga and Dmitry’s wedding
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Maria Kiseleva

Thank you Vladimir and Svetlana for organizing our surprise wedding! Literally overnight, they organized a celebration in a church with live music – organ! And even though this ceremony was symbolic, the emotions were real! Photos and videos were sent in the shortest possible time! Thank you!

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Maxim Plotnikov

We got married in Prague a week ago. Thanks to Vladimir and Svetlana for the excellent organization, everything went as easily as possible. Photos are super.
I recommend! 🙂

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