Arthur and Evgeniya

15.10.2019 20:06

Arthur is French and Evgeniya comes from Russia. They have an amazing story of how they met. They chose Prague to celebrate their wedding. We looked at with them at quite a few castles before they put their heart on Jemnieste chateau. One of the main reasons to choose this chateau was a beautiful and very well taken care garden that surrounds it.

Kind words from Evgeniya

Thank you very much to Vladimir and Svetlana for organizing our wedding!! Great organizers and very nice people!
A month has gone, but we are still delighted with how perfectly and professionally the wedding was organized!
We worked with Vladimir remotely, from another country by phone and e-mails, which probably greatly complicated the work, but nevertheless it was done brilliantly.
The wedding took place in the castle Jemniste , a very nice castle surrounded by a green garden.
Photographer, flowers, master of ceremonies Konstantin, music band-just everything is gorgeous!
Not a single hitch!
Dream wedding!


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