Ren Mengting and Xu Jie

08.07.2019 21:03

We were very happy and excited to get an inquiry from Ren Mengting and Xu Jie to organize their wedding.

A big Chinese wedding with more than 90 guests, a lot of decor elements and a big party. And we had only two months to organize it! We have been working hard from April until May to organize this big event.

A unique round arch made with only with natural flowers which we created from the beginning to the end- designed it, drafted and finally made it. Important was that we had only 1, 5 hours to montage the arch on site, while the normal time would be 5 hours.

Another small, but creative task was to made a car decoration according to the couples idea. We first looked into buying a ready-made decor, but because it was so unique we eventually made it ourselves.

And the last task was a big photo wall which we made literary in the last two weeks- again everything by our creative and hard-working team.

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