One Lab

"One Lab. is a professional video production company specializing in creation of video products of wide spectrum. We use our creativity and most modern equipment to achieve higher level at everything we do - camera shooting, video editing and any other type of video post production services. Our video agency would love to work with you because good ideas tend to multiply in collaboration. That's why we grow more and more with every new customer. That's why you grow with us" , - ILYA, One Lab. CEO

Special offer for the season 2018 is:

- 4 hours of professional DSLR video filming

- editing of 3-5 minutes long video

- price of 600 euro

Additional options as:

- filming of bigger amount of hours 

- filming with 2-3 cameras

- editing of a mini-movie 

- filming out of Prague and filming abroad

- aerial shooting

are the subject for individual pricing. 

We would be glad to make a special offer if you choose any options above.     


I am a wedding videographer based in Prague and I enjoy making videos and movies. I'm very excited to get to know you and create your Wedding story together!

I work on an hourly basis with a rate of 100 EUR per hour. Minimum order is 4 hours. At the end of my work you will get:


Предлагаем несколько вариантов, как бюджетных вариантов съёмки одной камерой, так и недорогих вариантов  съемки в две и три камеры.

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