Jan and Sarah

Jan and Sarah initially asked us to only assist them to prepare their legal documents for their ceremony. In the end, we overtook the entire wedding organization. We did the legal paperwork, arranged flower decor, even found a bagpiper to accompany the wedding ceremony- since Jan and Sarah met in Scotland and their wish was to bring a small piece of Scotland into their wedding. We also did a photo shoot for the couple.

Couple’s review of our work:

“Good morning both,

Now that the guests have all left we would like to say thank you.

It is no overstatement to say that without your legal help we would not have been able to get married.

We are glad we asked you to do more than just the paperwork. It felt like we had a shared vision of the celebration all along the way. It allowed us to truly enjoy ourselves on the day – thank you!

We hope you had fun with it and us as well. You can be very proud of your work.

We do wish you all the best,

Sara & Jan”