Getting married in Prague


Civil marriage in the Czech Republic

Civil and religious marriages registered in the Czech Republic are legal and fully recognized by the respective authorities all around the world.

Prague is a good place for international couples who need to enter into a civil marriage. In most of the cases, you will only require a valid passport and 2 documents to get married in Prague.

Our wedding agency will advise you which documents you need to obtain in your home country in order to be able to enter into a marriage in the Czech Republic.

Please read the section below and if you have more questions or would like to get married in Prague - contact us

Required documents

How fast can I get married in the Czech Republic?

You can get married in 4-6 weeks after we receive a full set of required documents from you

Is the process complicated to get married in the Czech Republic?

The paperwork may seem intimidating, but in practice, it is not really so. For most of the cases, you will require a valid passport + 2 documents: a birth certificate and a certificate of no impediment to marriage or an equivalent document issued in your country. For nationals of certain countries some of the documents are waived (you will only provide your passport and birth certificate and sign a statement at the registry office in Prague instead of all other documents). If you cannot obtain a certificate of no impediment to marriage in your country- we can assist you to obtain the document in Prague.

Is it affordable to get married in Prague?

Getting married in Prague is affordable and, not the least important, less bureaucratic as compared to other destinations.

The minimum price for a civil wedding is 970 EUR. View all civil wedding packages prices.


What will I need to do to get married in the Czech Republic?

In a very short way: contact us, provide information about your nationalities and your current country of residence, prepare documents following our advice, send us originals by post, arrive at your wedding. We will do the rest on your behalf.

Do I need to pay for the translation of documents into Czech?

No, sworn translations of all required documents are included in the civil wedding package price

Do I need to pay state fees to the registry office?

No, sate fee to the registry office is included into the package price

In what language is the ceremony conducted?

The ceremony is conducted by a state officiator in Czech. A sworn translator will do a simultaneous translation into English or any other required language.

The price for the sworn translator is included into the civil wedding package price

Where will ceremony take place?

Prague offers a lot of venues where your wedding can take place. Have a look at Prague wedding venues or contact us if you have found a venue of your own and would like to know whether a civil ceremony can take place there.

Do I need to be a resident in the Czech Republic?

No, you are not required to reside in Prague, unlike in other countries that require you to be a resident for at least a few days before you get married. 

Non-EU nationals need to attend  foreign police after arrival to Prague and register there. We will accompany you and sign required forms together with you. The whole process takes 1-2 hours including travel time from your hotel. If you are an EU member- you are not required to attend foreign police.

When do I receive marriage certificate?

Marriage certificate is issued within 2-4 weeks after your wedding. We will collect your marriage certificate and send it to you by post.

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