Martin and Zhanna

They came to Prague from Ireland and Belarus. Ceremony at Karlštejn Castle in September.
Wedding in Prague

James and Jasmijn

James and Jasmijn came to Prague from England. Ceremony at Dobris Castle in July
Wedding in Prague

Max and Roni

Max and Roni came to Prague from Israel. Ceremony at Troy Castle in March
Wedding in Prague

David and Julia

An international couple from from England.
Wedding in Prague

Adriana and Ivo

An international couple from Prague
Wedding in Prague

Lindsey and Richard

A couple from USA
Wedding in Prague

Ailbne and Diarmuid

A couple from Ireland
Wedding in Prague

Sydney and Luke

Wedding at hotel Augustine
Wedding in Prague

Vel and Mike

A couple from UK
Wedding in Prague

Magda and Colum

Beautiful autumn wedding
Wedding in Prague

Thomas and Rachel

A couple from USA
Wedding in Prague

Nicolas and Purva

An international couple from Prague
Wedding in Prague

Goran and Maja

Croatian couple in Prague

Arthur and Evgenija

Russian-French wedding at chateau Jemniste

Ayan and Natali

Amidst the Pandemic

Andreas and Katerina

November and a couple from Greece

Alanah and Thomas

French couple in late summer of 2021

Leah and Michael

Elopement at a XII century church

Marie and Jordane

A couple from France in early October of 2021

Nina and Daniel

An international couple from Dubai

Tom and Raya

A couple from Israel at Hluboka Castle

Jan and Sarah

International couple from Prague

James and Courtney

Elopement at a XII century Gothic church

Zdenek and Evelina

Civil ceremony at the Old Town Hall

Fons and Tanja

Russian-Dutch couple from Russia

Ailsa and Benjamin

A couple from Scotland

Ren Mengtin and Xu Jie

100 guest wedding of a Chinese couple from Prague

Tracey and Graham

Couple from Scotland at Pruhonice park

Victor and Kate

An International couple from Prague

Alex and Cheryl

Surprise proposal and a wedding ceremony at Mirror Chapel

Simon and Hazel

A couple from Scotland

Sin Ki Tse and Tsz Chung Leung

A couple from Hong Kong

John and Reut

Irish – Israeli couple from Israel

Ernan and Alexandra

Ernan is from USA and Alexandra is from Russia

Claire and Robert

Catholic ceremony of a couple from Ireland right before the New Year

Jovan & Anna


Veronica and Dmitry

A couple from St. Petersburg

Kostya and Katya

October wedding at Vrtba Garden

Dmitry and Olga

A couple from Germany at Vrtba Garden

Maria and Maxim

February ceremony of a couple from Ukraine

Arkady and Maria

Surprise proposal and a ceremony