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We live in Prague for 18 years and 10 of them are engaged in the organization of weddings. Learn more in About us

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  If you are looking through the pages of our wedding agency you are probably thinking of getting married in Prague. Why hold your wedding in Prague?

Your wedding should be beautiful and memorable - and Prague, with it storied past, beautiful architecture, scenic views and hundreds of venues is unrivalled in the world to have your fairy tale wedding. 

Prague can offer romance for any occasion-options for romantic and celebratory events are not limited to just weddings. 






Prague can be an ideal place to get engaged, spend a honeymoon, renew your wedding vows or celebrate an anniversary.

The city is home to thousands of beautiful private spots where to enjoy your love.

Wedding video of Maxim and Lilia by One Lab. 

Civil ceremony at Old Town Hall, walking around Old Town Square

Walking around Vrtba Garden

When planning a wedding, Prague has so much to choose from that any taste and style can be met: be it a lavish, fairy-tale wedding, a modern event, a relaxed and easy-going wedding or anything that goes in between. 

One of the first things to consider is whether you want to have a civil or religious wedding in Prague, get legalities done in the Czech Republic or in your home country and just have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Prague-all options are possible.


The peak months are June, July, August and September so it is best to start as early as possible to ensure you secure your preferred date. We can guide your through all the steps necessary to arrange the paperwork and take over the organizational part of the wedding itself.

Our wedding agency is located in Prague. We have been living in Prague for more than 18 years and have been organizing and conducting weddings for over 10 years. Learn more in About us.

 About us


I have been organizing and conducting wedding events since 2003.

What inspired me to become a wedding planner? Having an artistic and creative background I started working as a master of ceremonies at weddings and other social events like anniversaries, parties, conferences.

Having an inborn organisational talent I was deeply engaged into various organizational aspects of any event or celebration.

 With the time it came naturally to me that I developed into a full time wedding planner.



 To date, I have planned, organized and conducted more than 300 events.

I really enjoy what I am doing. I like the atmosphere of the celebration, the happy faces of couples and their guests. I always try to offer an individual program for each couple. That is why planning a wedding always begins with our communication.

It is important for me to know your ideas about the event, your tastes and style preferences. If you are planning to have your wedding in Prague - write or call and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


For many years I have worked at various coordinating roles in international companies in the field of tourism and travel.

My lifelong hobby was photography and often I happened to be taking photos at weddings and other events.

With the time I started to get engaged more into organisational process and that is how my hobby brought me into a wedding planning industry.




 I   have  traveled  around  the  world  but  my  favorite  country  is  the  Czech  Republic  and  the  city  of  Prague , where  I  have  lived for the past 10 years.

The Czech Republic is an amazing country which has almost anything one can think of- preserved architecture, scenic city views, vibrant atmosphere, beautiful nature, talented people and it is a convenient location from where to travel to many European destinations

At the wedding agency My wedding in Prague I am engaged in all stages of  the wedding planning as well as photography.

If you are considering Prague and the Czech Republic as your wedding destination - write or call us and we will gladly guide you through all possible options.

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