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We live in Prague for 18 years and 10 of them are engaged in the organization of weddings. Learn more in About us

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  If you are looking through the pages of our wedding agency you are probably thinking of getting married in Prague. Why hold your wedding in Prague?

First of all - Prague is simply beautiful. With it storied past, beautiful architecture and scenic views Prague offers multiple venues to host your wedding. Your wedding can take place at Prague Old Town Hall, at a  beautiful palace garden under the open sky, at a cozy medieval chapel or at one of the numerous Czech castles.







Second, and not less important, requirements for a civil wedding are much less bureaucratic as compared to other European destinations. Read more about civil marriage in the Civil Wedding menu section

Wedding video of Maxim and Lilia by One Lab. 

Civil ceremony at Old Town Hall, walking around Old Town Square

Walking around Vrtba Garden

Third, wedding in Prague is affordable. The price for a simple elopement ceremony with legalities starts at 550 EUR. 


You will not spend a fortune to have you your tailor made wedding in Prague. You can have a very basic wedding at one of Prague City Halls or you can add a little more charm to it and say yes to each other at a small chapel located in a beautiful historic center.

 About us


I have been organizing and conducting wedding events since 2003.

What brought me into wedding industry? Having an artistic and creative background I started working as a master of ceremonies at weddings and other events like anniversaries, parties, conferences.

Having an inborn organisational talent I just got engaged into every step of any event. 

I have been in the wedding and event industry for almost 10 years and have acted in various roles: as a wedding planner who organized a complete event from the beginning to the end, as a master of ceremonies who invented creative programs for the guests and organized show programs, as a cameraman who filmed weddings and created wedding videos. I have worked with all major wedding venues, restaurants and service vendors, like photographers, videographers, florists, and no less important, with registry offices in Prague.  




 To date, I have planned, organized and conducted more than 300 events.

I really enjoy what I am doing. I like the atmosphere of the celebration, the happy faces of couples and their guests. I always try to offer an individual program for each couple. That is why planning a wedding always begins with our communication.

It is important for me to know your ideas about the event, your tastes and style preferences. If you are planning to have your wedding in Prague - write or call and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


I have worked at travel and tourism for the past 10 years. 

Two years ago I came into a wedding industry and I remain a wedding planner since then.

 I speak English, German, Czech, Russian, some Italian and am happy to serve our customers in any of these languages

If you are considering Prague and the Czech Republic as your wedding destination - write or call us and we will gladly guide you through all possible options.

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